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Citrus میوه جات ستروس

Seasonal activities: Winter

(mid December through mid March)

  • Prune out any crossing, broken, or shaded out branches from the interior of the tree. No topping or hedging is necessary and removal of the skirts around the lower portion of the tree's bearing capacity.
  • If scale insects are present (appear as small bumps on twigs and a black sooty mold on the leaves), spray the tree with volk or superior oil. The best time to treat is February during cool weather. Thorough coverage is important.



Citrus photo


Priority Problems

  • Priority problems for Afghanistan Citrus include: a lack of tested varieties (see PHDP), and Tristeza virus in bitter orange rootstock.
These draft priority problems are based on feedback from agricultural consultants, Afghan specialists, and Tom Brown.

Citrus Overview

Crop Calendar

  • Citrus crop calendar Fact Sheet (for California-like conditions) (UC Davis)

Nursery Management


  • Variety Selection:
    • For certified saplings contact PHDP (Perennial Horticulture Development Project)
    • PHDP Varietal Selection and Production English (excerpt), دری (Dari) (9.9 MB) and پشتو (Pashto) (9.8 MB) (ANNGO Catalog 2013, PHDP/EU)
    • National Nursery Growers' Association Locations and Contacts PDF (ANNGO Catalog 2013, PHDP/EU)

Pest Management for Citrus Fruits


Market Information (All Crops)

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