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Citrus Orchard Establishment

Prepared by Louise Ferguson, Mark Bell and Ali Almehdi, UC Davis International Programs Office (Nov 2007) "1. Variety and Rootstock Selection Choose variety and rootstock based on • Suitability for growing zone • Predicted market demand • Market development, if planting a new cultivar • Capability and capacity of packing house 2. Land Clearing Operation Considerations Brush Removal Do by hand or machine Chip brush and leave as mulch to stop erosion (or burn to eliminate) Deep ripping Examine soil by digging pits to 2 meters; do 5-10 pits per ha. If there is a hardpan within 1 m of soil surface then deep ripping is required. A “Plow pan” from vehicle traffic requires chiseling with shanks to 0.5m depth. Leveling No leveling is required for drip or sprinkler irrigation systems Laser level for flood or furrow irrigation Remove rocks and stumps for all irrigation systems Eradicate weeds before planting Disc or use herbicide: May need repeated sprays followed by pre-emergent application before planting Soil Fumigation Unnecessary with virgin land If there was a previous citrus crop, then treat for Nematodes and Phytopthora, Fusarium. Treatment options include: Methyl bromide, soil solarization, nematicides. Always consult an application specialist. "

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