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Citrus - Irrigation Schedule

Prepared by Louise Ferguson, Ali Almehdi, Mark Bell, UC Davis International Programs Office (Nov 2007) " The timing and amount of water needed by a citrus crop is strongly affected by the length of rainfall season and the rainfall retained in the root zone. Irrigation scheduling requires estimating tree water use and replacing that amount. There are three primary Irrigation Scheduling Methods 1. Plant-based 2. Soil-based 3. Weather-based. 1. Plant-based Scheduling Methods Plant-based scheduling is theoretically ideal as it integrates plant and soil water loss. It is useful when it indicates the time of stress when current or potential yield will be affected. The method is primarily for research as it is expensive and hard to adapt. The method involves the use of 1) a pressure chamber or Scholander, 2) trunk diameter, 3) stem flow gauge, 4) porometer and infrared thermometers. "

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