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Citrus - Site Layout

Prepared by Louise Ferguson, Ali Almehdi, Mark Bell, UC Davis International Programs Office (Nov 2007) " Grove design Optimize yield, fruit quality and orchard longevity by • maximizing light interception by the tree canopy, and • minimizing light striking the ground between trees Plan layout to allow orchard operations • pest control and orchard floor management • pruning, and • harvest Tree Density and Height Considerations Final tree height should be no higher than twice the distance of the clear row middle. For example: if it is 2.5 m to the row middle then the trees should be no more than 5 m tall • Controlling tree height and shape requires side pruning and topping o every 3-4 years in oranges and grapefruit o every 1-2 years in lemons and limes. "

PDF document icon FS_Fruit_Citrus_Layout.pdf — PDF document, 55 kB (56662 bytes)