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Citrus - Site Selection

Prepared by Louise Ferguson, Mark Bell, Ali Almehdi, UC Davis International Programs Office (2007) "Site Selection for Citrus Orchards In selecting a citrus orchard site consider 1. Soil type and soil drainage, 2. Climate, 3. Slope and elevation, 4. Soil pH, 5. Water supply and quality and 6. Infrastructure 1. Soil type and soil drainage • Soil type. 1-3 m of sandy loam soil is best for citrus, if the subsoil has good drainage. • Citrus can be grown on soils with high clay content if water management is good. • Root and tree growth can be restricted if the soil clay content is over 50%. • Drainage: Poor drainage due to soil compaction or clay layers causes root death. • Root rot caused by Phytophthora fungus is worse in poorly drained soils. • Dig an 18 inch deep hole, fill with water; if water is still in the hole 24 hours later, then this is not a good site for planting. • When replanting a grove that has had root rot and/or poor drainage, deep ripping is often needed to break through hardpans and clay layers to improve drainage. "

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