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Citrus - Problems and Pests

Prepared by Corky Lovin, Louise Ferguson, Ali Almehdi, Mark Bell, UC Davis International Programs Office (2007) " About citrus pests Citrus can be affected by many pests such as birds, insects and nematodes, diseases, problem soils and poor management. Key problems While many factors can affect citrus, the most common are: Symptom Possible cause(s) Option Leaf yellowing Excessive soil salts Use good quality water Ensure good drainage Iron deficiency Nitrogen deficiency zinc deficiency Apply nutrients as needed Excessive irrigation Avoid overwatering which can predispose trees to root and crown rots. Phytophthora root rot Irrigate to keep trunks dry Dieback and leaf death Frost Avoid pruning or fertilizing during late summer Salt injury Death of tree Frost Avoid pruning or fertilizing during late summer Phytophthora gummosis Fruit drop and splitting irregular irrigation hot weather Ensure good irrigation and fertilization practices root and trunk rot Phytophthora root and trunk rot Irrigate to keep trunks dry Leaf and fruit scars Thrips Beneficial insects control alternate hosts Prune injured and infested terminals Apply recommended products Mites Bark on the trunk at or near the soil line dries out and cracks. Fusarium solani. dry root rot”, Red scale red scale Fruit and flower drop Normal "

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