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Citrus - Pest - Red Mite

Prepared by Frank Zalom and Mark Bell - UC Davis International Programs Office (2007) "About Citrus Red Mite Female Citrus Red mites are oval shaped with white hairs. Eggs are laid on both sides of leaves. Populations increase in spring, late summer, and early fall in response to new growth. Damage Feeding results in pale stippling visible primarily on the upper leaf surface. Active stages prefer to feed on fully expanded young leaves but will also infest fruit. If severe, leaves may drop and twigs dieback. Stippling or silvering also occurs on green fruit, but damage usually disappears when fruit change color High populations can cause fruit sunburn in hot weather "

PDF document icon FS_Insect_Citrus_Red_Mite.pdf — PDF document, 103 kB (106357 bytes)