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Citrus - Pest - Thrips

Prepared by Frank Zalom and Mark Bell - UC Davis International Programs Office (2008) "About Citrus Thrips Citrus Thrip adults are about 1 mm long and orange-yellow in color. Their wings are fringed with long hairs. The 1st larva stage is very small while the 2nd stage is about the same size as the adult. Citrus thrips overwinter as eggs. In spring and summer, adults lay eggs in new leaf tissue, young fruit or green twigs. Damage The 2nd larvae stage causes the most damage when feeding under the sepals of young fruit, leaving scabs on the rind. Fruit are susceptible to scarring until they are about 3.7 cm diameter. Navel oranges are more susceptible to damage than are Valencia oranges, which often do not require treatment "

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