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Figs انجیر


Figs Dried Afghanistan
Muhammad Aziz (PHDP)
Dried Fig Picture

Priority problems and opportunities for figs are not yet confirmed.



    • Irrigation of Perennial Crops Manual (3.4 MB) (Roots of Peace)

  • Principles of Irrigation Trees and Vines PPT as PDF English (2.8MB)

              and (Dari) دری   (4.6 MB) (UC Davis)

  • Drip Irrigation Manual (11.7MB) (IDE)

Pest Management                                                                                                     


  • 10 Principles of Postharvest Management Fact Sheet (UC Davis)

  • Principles of GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) Fact Sheet (UC Davis)

  • Maintaining Postharvest Quality Fact Sheet (UC Davis PHTC)

Market Information (All Crops)                                                                          

Global Hort Knowledge Bank - Fig