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Grape - تربيۀ تاکها براي سیستم چیله -T (Dari Version)

Grape - Development of vines for T-Trellis. Andrew Teubes VG Nurseries Plantation during March During Year 1 it is recommended that vine only grow, without any trellising (maximum development of roots and reserves) Keep all leaves, no leaf removal Irrigation normal Fertilizer only 40-50 units/ha of Nitrogen from start of growth to not later than middle August Weed control normal Apply sulphur every 21 days from 5 cm shoot length to end of May; again from beginning September 2 applications 21 days apart if required...

PowerPoint presentation icon DEVELOPMENT OF GRAPEVINES FOR THE T-TRELLIS-Dari.ppt — PowerPoint presentation, 991 kB (1015296 bytes)