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Grape Value Chain Report Monthly

Developed by Roots of Peace, MAIL and the EU (Oct 2009) I wanted to share this news relative to GIB-treated Kishmishi grapes. OK, caveats first: I am biased and this is not a statistically based report. But, we have heard so much from various people about the negative aspects of GIB; these un-statistical results are provocative. The producers here and the merchant shipping these grapes to Karachi think that GIB is great for fresh grape marketing. Taste tests with these people showed that there is no discernable difference in taste between Gibbed and Natural Kishmishi. We tested Brix levels and found the GIB-Kishmishi at 20% and the Natural Kishmishi at 21%. Note that cold weather has stopped production activity on these grapes; so, we would not expect Brix levels to rise even if the grapes were left on the vine. So, harvesting now is a reasonable option. Note: the merchants showed me raisins from GIB-Kishimishi and pointed out that they are larger and heavier than raisins from Natural Kishmishi. So, that appears to negate the complaint that GIB-Kishmishi cannot be used for raisins.

PDF document icon Oct 2009 ROP Grape Value Chain monthly report.pdf — PDF document, 1394 kB (1428255 bytes)