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Pomegranate - Orchard Site Establishment I

Prepared by Louise Ferguson, Kitren GLozer and Mark Bell, International Programs Office UC Davis (June 2008) "1. Variety and Rootstock Selection Choose variety and rootstock based on • Suitability for growing zone • Predicted market demand • Market development, if planting a new cultivar • Capability and capacity of packing house 2. Site selection Choose sites with • Abundant water (through rain or irrigation), • Winter temperatures more than -5 to -15 ºC. Note: If frost occurs in spring just before or during bloom, the whole crop can be destroyed • Soils that are deep and fertile. Do not grow pomegranate on saline or alkaline soils "

PDF document icon FS_Fruit_Pomeg_Establishment_I.pdf — PDF document, 38 kB (39789 bytes)