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Pomegranate Pest - Fruit Borer

Prepared by Mark Bell and Frank Zalom, International Programs Office UC Davis (Apr 2008) "What is the Pomegranate Fruit Borer? The pomegranate fruit borer or pomegranate butterfly (Deudorix (Virachola) isocrates and Deudorix epijarbas) are pests common in Asia, especially India and Sri Lanka. Adult males have glossy blue wings; females’ wings are violet and have one orange circular spot on each forewing. What is the Damage Caused? Pomegranate fruit borer (PFB) larvae bore into the pomegranate fruits soon after emerging from eggs laid on flowers or young fruit. Once inside the fruit, the flat larvae (2 cm long) feed on the flesh and seeds. Infested fruit will often have PFB feces near the larval entry holes. Entry holes also expose fruit to disease; infested fruit eventually rot and drop from the tree. "

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