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Pomegranate Specifications

Developed by FreshSpecs Produce Specifications - Nov 2006 Gives detailed descriptions for quality aspects of pomegranates. COLOUR Deep pink to dark red skin; bright red, fleshy seeds. VISUAL APPEARANCE Smooth, somewhat glossy skin; prominent calyx retained at the fruit blossom end; free from visible contamination. SENSORY Thin, leathery skin; membranous white walls containing sacs of pulpy seeds; small, soft seeds surrounded by a layer of sweet, juicy flesh; no off odours or tastes (eg excess tannins). SHAPE Approximately round with protuding calyx at base. SIZE In pre-ordered size per requirements; uniform per tray. MATURITY Skin should be highly coloured, tough and unbroken, not pale (undermature) or split (overmature); fruit should sound hollow when tapped; minimum TSS >13° Brix

PDF document icon FS_Fruit_Pomeg_PH_FreshSpecs.pdf — PDF document, 36 kB (37117 bytes)