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Almond - Pruning

Info sheet developed by Corky Lovin, John Driver, Pauline Nhamo, and Mark A Bell - UC Davis International Programs Office (2008) Shows basic how to prune and why it is useful. "What is pruning? • It is a practice to remove diseased, non-productive or unwanted portions of the plant (shoots, limbs, branches). Why is it done? • To shape the plant by controlling and directing plant growth to maintain a healthy plant that is sturdy to increase yield and quality of fruits. • To reduce disease incidence. • To allow efficient production and ease of harvest (both hand mechanical). • To allow proper balance between shade and sunlight to allow for ripening but on the other hand prevent sun damage of the fruits.

PDF document icon IS_Nut_Almond_Pruning_II.pdf — PDF document, 94 kB (96821 bytes)