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Walnuts چهارمغز

Seasonal activities: Winter

(mid December through mid March)

  • Tree management.
    • Pruning. Prune trees by thinning out crowded areas to let light into whole tree.
    • Remove broken, dead branches.
  • Pest management. Spray trees with dormant oil to control scale insects, if needed.


Walnut pic


Priority problems and opportunities for walnuts are not yet confirmed.


Crop Calendar

  • Walnut Crop Calendar Fact Sheet (for California-like conditions) (California Backyard Orchard)


Pest Management


  • Harvest and Postharvest icon video Video and Video Notes (UC Davis)
  • 10 Principles of Postharvest Management Fact Sheet (UC Davis)
  • Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Fact Sheet (UC Davis for Roots of Peace)

Market Information (All Crops)



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