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Carrots زردگ

Problems and Opportunities                                                  

by Bob Morris

These priorities and opportunities are based on feedback from Nahzatullah Nahzat.



  • General Vegetable Production Manual پشتو (Pashto) (2.3 MB) (UC Davis)
  • Carrot Production for Eastern Region PPT as PDF (1.3 MB) (IDEA-NEW Noori)

Pest Management                                              


  • Postharvest Fact Sheet (UCD PHTC)
  • 10 Principles of Postharvest Management Fact Sheet (UC Davis)
  • Principles of GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) Fact sheet (UC Davis)
  • General Postharvest Page

Market Information(all crops)                  

Global Horticulture Knowledge Bank - Cool Season Crops