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Cauliflower گلپی

Problems and Opportunities                                                  

Pride of the Eastern Region (Source: USAID)

Priority problems include the use of unimproved varieties (long growing cycle, non-uniform maturity, big head-size, no self-blanching), planting (bed preparation), low planting density, and insect pests. 

Opportunities for cauliflower include extension and demonstration of new planting methods, planting new and resistant varieties (in particular for heat tolerance, downy mildew and black rot), extension for Integrated Pest Management methods.

These priorities and opportunities are based on feedback from experts at Nangrhar University and DAIL, and Professor Sidajan of Laghman DAIL Department of Horticulture.



Pest Management                                    

  • Common pests in cauliflower include diamondback moth, cutworm, cabbage butterfly, cabbage aphid, thrips, downy mildew, club root and black rot. Application sprays of Cypermethrine can control for diamondback moth and 1% Malathion for cabbage butterfly. Improved varieties, such as White Corona, are resistant to powdery mildew and black rot.


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