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Cucumber بادرنگ

Cucumber grower in Afghanistan
Source: Paywand Agriculture Knowledge Management Facility, MAIL


Problems and Opportunities

  • Priority problems: Growers tend to monocrop 3-4 crops per year in the same soil in the tunnels. This results in insect pest and disease problems. Proper harvesting and storage are also problems.
  • Priority opportunities: Off-season, greenhouse or low tunnel production of cucumbers - in some situations - can be very profitable for the domestic market. Crop rotation and improved varieties may help reduce pest and disease pressure.   Extension services teaching new harvesting and storage techniques, including the use of paraffin oil.

These draft priority problems are based on feedback from Tom Brown and publications by Professor Norgul Hamza khil.



Pest management

  • Common pests in cucumber include nematodes, red pumpkin beetle, cutworms, aphids, powdery mildew, and downy mildew. Plant improved varieties resistant to high temperature and powdery mildew, downy mildew, scab, cucumber mosaic virus (ex. Market More (Open Pollinated)/ Babylon (Hybrid)).


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