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Afghan Leek (Gandana) گندنه

Problems and Opportunities                                                  

by Nahzat and Robert Morris AAEP 2012

Priority Problems for gandana include: leaf rusts resulting in decreased market value, poor cleaning methods that fail to remove manure pathogens, disposal of first crop, broadcast seeding, and growing the same plants for 8-10 years

Priority Opportunities for gandana are: natural pest resistance (interplant with other crops; particularly effective for melon fly), using first crop for compost or animal feed, planting in rows to increase water efficiency and enable weed control, washing with iodine or salt before consumption, and replanting every 3-4 years.

These priorities and opportunities are based on feedback from Nahzatullah Nahzat (People in Need) and farmers Waheedullah (Kabul province) and Safiudin (Nangarhar province).


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