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Watermelon - Overview

Prepared by Ron Voss and Mark Bell - International Programs Office UC Davis (June 2007) "About Watermelon Watermelon is a warm season fruit vegetable of the cucurbit family. Watermelon is usually direct seeded but can be grown from transplants (which may have been grafted). Varieties vary widely in size, shape, color and texture. Seedless hybrid varieties are increasingly available. Most watermelons are indeterminate (i.e., they continue to produce leaves and flowers) forming extensive vines. Climate and Soil Temperature Frost tolerance Water needs Tolerance to waterlogging Drought tolerance Optimum 25-30oC, minimum 10oC, maximum 35-40oC. Chilling injury below 10oC. Sensitive to frost at any growth stage. Deep rooted, moderate total needs but regular watering needed. Low at any time. Root fungal diseases increase at high soil water. Fair to good. Stress can result in poor fruit set and low yields. "

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