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Melon Pest - Fusarium Crown & Foot Rot

Content from UC IPM: SYMPTOMS Although all cucurbits are susceptible, Fusarium crown and foot rot is a problem only on squash and pumpkin. The fungus causes water-soaked lesions on the stem at the soil line. Infected plants wilt and die. On the fruit, the lesions usually begin on the area that is resting on the ground. Fruit lesions are firm and dry, with the decayed area exhibiting a concentric ring pattern.. COMMENTS ON THE DISEASE This fungus survives in the soil and on seed. The disease occurs most often in the Central Coast of California. There are two races of the fungus; Race 1 attacks any part of the plant, while Race 2 attacks only the fruit.

PDF document icon FS_Disease_Melon_Fusarium_Crown_Foot_Root_UC_IPM.pdf — PDF document, 27 kB (28445 bytes)