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Melon Pest - Green Peach Aphids

Content from UC IPM: DESCRIPTION OF THE PEST The green peach aphid is rather slender in form, light green or yellowish in color. Winged adults of the green peach aphid are pale or bright green and black, with a large dusky blotch on the dorsum of the abdomen. The immature forms are yellow, pinkish, or pale green. The mature wingless forms are pale or bright green and have no waxy covering. The tubercules at the base of the antennae grow towards each other. Populations tend to start on lower leaves and move up the plant. The green peach aphid occurs throughout California and has a wide host range. DAMAGE In desert areas, watermelon mosaic virus, zucchini yellow mosaic, and papaya ringspot virus are transmitted chiefly by the green peach aphid. This aphid moves into melon fields in large numbers from surrounding vegetation, carrying viruses as it moves and feeds from one plant to another. In the San Joaquin Valley, cucumber mosaic, zucchini mosaic, and watermelon mosaic are often the most important viruses transmitted by this aphid.

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