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Wheat گندم

Afghan Wheat Map USDA
Afghan Wheat Map USDA

 Problems and Opportunities

    • Primary problems of wheat relate to seed quality and improved varieties, water management and the Moroccan Locust. Seedbeds (good seed-soil contact) and grain storage also need improvement.
    • Primary opportunities include working with organizations like FAO, MAIL and CIMMYT to access good seed, improve fertilizer use, and improve irrigation systems. The icon video Purdue PIC bag or the IRRI Super Bag may be good options for seed and grain storage.

Wheat cropping Calendar
Wheat cropping Calendar from FEWS Net

Problems and opportunities from Hussain Sharifi.

Overview of the Wheat Industry 


Production Maps by Province:

Total Wheat Production 

Irrigated Wheat Production 

Rainfed Wheat Production 

Pest Management

  • Disease
    • UG 99 is a new (potentially devastating) race of the disease stem rust. UG 99-resistant wheat varieties have been developed. Contact CIMMYT or FAO.
  • Insects


  • Dry seed to less than 14% moisture and clean, then use the IRRI Superbag Fact sheet (IRRI) or PIC bag icon videoVideo (Purdue) 

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