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Bees زنبور داری


Honey bee

Bees are important as a source honey (for sale or consumption) and for pollination of many crops.

Priority Problems include a short flowering season, poor pest management that reduces bee populations, microbial diseases (bacterial, fungal, viral, and protozoan diseases), parasitic bee mites, and insects.  

Primary Opportunities include Integrated Pest Management.


  • Beekeeping in Asia Report (FAO)
  • Honeybees, Pollination and Livelihoods Report (ICIMOD)
  • Beekeeping Guidelines (Dari) دری (1.5 MB) (Terre des hommes)
  • Specialized Equipment icon video Video  (
  • Lighting a Smokericon video Video  (
  • Transferring Colonies to Frame Hives Article (1.6 MB) (Bees for Development Journal 73)
  • Use of Asian Honeybees (Apis Cerana) in Afghanistan Report (MSG James Doten)

Diseases and Pests                                                                      

  • Pests in Beekeeping Info Sheet (UCD)
  • Honeybee Diseases and Pests Manual (1.4 MB) (FAO)


  • Pollination Fact Sheet (UC Davis for Roots of Peace)
  • Major Crops that Benefit from Bee Pollination Info Sheet (UC Davis)
  • Pollination in Cucurbits Manual (UCD)