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Camels نگهداری شتر

Problems and Opportunities         


  • Priority problems for camels in Afghanistan include: diseases such as trypanosoma, rabies, camel pox, pasteurollosis, Brucellosis through milk contamination, and tuberculosis.
  • Priority opportunities include vaccinations, and heat treatment of milk.

These draft priority problems are based on feedback from Afghan specialists and Rick Tucker.


Production and Management of Camels    

Note: avoid working with male camels during the breeding season.  

  • Management in Pakistan Manual (UAF)
  • Milk Management
    • Milk Manual (FAO)
    • Milk Processing Technologies for Small-Scale Producers Manual (1.6 MB) (ICARDA) 
    • Pasteurizing Milk Fact Sheet (UC Davis)
    • Affecting camels:
    • Affecting camels and may spread to humans:
    • Camel Pox (UAF)
  • Pasteurollosis (also known as hemorrhagic septicemia) Fact Sheet (FAO

    Pasture and Fodder    

    • Animals graze pastures in spring and summer, and are fed in the home compound during the lean feed periods of winter and early spring.
    • Challenges to Grazing Land Info Sheet (UC Davis and SIU)
    • Fodder
      • Crop Options Fact Sheet (UC Davis, SIU and U Georgia)
      • Tree Options Info Sheet (UC Davis from FAO)
      • Alfalfa Role and Establishment Report (1.9 MB) (FAF Developments)
      • Pasture/Forage Resources Profile Report (FAO)