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Cattle گاو شیری و گاو گوشتی

ContentAfghan cattle

Priority problems and opportunities for cattle are not yet confirmed.

About Cattle in Afghanistan

  • Afghanistan National Livestock Census 2006 Report (11 MB) (FAO)
  • Status Genetic Resources Report (1.4 MB) (FAO)

Pasture and Fodder

  • Animals graze pastures in spring and summer, and are fed in the home compound during the lean feed periods of winter and early spring.
  • Challenges to Grazing Land Info Sheet (UC Davis and SIU)
  • Fodder
    • Crop Options Fact Sheet (UC Davis, SIU and U Georgia)
    • Tree Options Info Sheet (UC Davis from FAO)
    • Alfalfa Role and Establishment Report (1.9 MB) (FAF Developments)
    • Pasture/Forage Resources Profile Report (FAO) 

Cattle General

  • Handling cattle
    • Approaching and Handling Fact Sheet (SIU and UC Davis) Manual (Texas A&M University) Afghan Cattle Distribution AIMS 1998
    • Humans and Brucellosis Fact Sheet (UC Davis)
    • Moving Around and Approaching a Herd of Cattle icon video Video  (UC Davis)


  • Dairy Industry Revitalization Project Case Study (USAID)
  • Production and Processing in Afghanistan Case Study  (1.7 MB) (MAIL)
  • Milk Quality Control Manual (ICARDA)
  • Milk Processing Technologies for Small-Scale Producers Manual (1.6 MB) (ICARDA)
  • Pasteurizing Milk Fact Sheet (UC Davis)



  • Always be cautious around sick animals as some diseases can be spread to humans by touching.
  • Diagnostics. Disease or Poor Nutrition? Fact Sheet (SIU with UC Davis)
  • Disease Prevention (Biosecurity)
    • Limiting Disease Spread Fact Sheet (SIU with UC Davis)
    • From the Illustrated Manual of Infectious Diseases of Livestock In Afghanistan (Fort Valley State University):
  • Specific diseases


 Market Information (All Crops and Livestock)