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Major agricultural activitiesBadakshan map

  • Badakshan is famous for producing rugs, carpets, grapes and nuts (Almonds). Herders raise sheep and goats in several districts. (Note: Badakshan has massive untapped mineral reserves.)
Goat Afghanistan

Potential development themes

  • Potential areas for development include Value adding (product processing), pasture improvement, post-harvest technology and irrigation system improvement.
Province summaries
  • Province overview Info sheet
  • Crop calendar Info sheet
  • Afghanistan Provincial Indicators Link (Civil-Military Fusion Indicators)

Province Reports

  • Ministry (MRRD) Report (63 KB)
  • Socio-Economic and Demographic Profile - Report (3.7 MB) UNFPA. 2003-2005
  • CFC data Link

Province Maps

  • Province Map 2002 (1.3 MB) AIMS

Available District Maps

  • Darayim District Map 2011 (2.2 MB) iMMAP
  • Yamgan Girwan District Map 2011 (2.3 MB) iMMAP