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Ghor غور

Major Agricultural ActivitiesGhor Map

Ghor is famous for producing spices such as cumin, as well as nuts (almond and walnut), cashmere, and wool.

Potential Development Themes

Potential areas for development include livestock production, improving infrastructures, agricultural productivity, pasture improvement, value adding (product processing), post-harvest technology and irrigation system improvement.

Province Summaries

Province Reports

  • Ministry Report (MRRD) Ghor Sheep
  • Province Profile Report (1.8 MB) (NAIS)
  • Socio-Economic and Demographic Profile Report (2003-2005) (3.1 MB) (UNFPA)
  • Social Assessment Fact Sheet (2012) NHLP)
  • Province Data Link (CFC)

Province Maps

  • Province Map (2002) (AIMS)
  • Satellite Image Map (2011) (11.7 MB) (iMMAP)

District Maps (iMMAP)

Chaghcharan District (1.4 MB)
Charsada District (1.1 MB)
Dawlat Yar District (1.0 MB)
Du Layna District (1.2 MB)
Lal wa Sarjangal District
Pasaband District (1.2 MB)
Saghar District (1.2 MB)
Shahrak District
Taywara District (1.2 MB)
Tulak District (1.0 MB)

Note: Some district maps may not be available.