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Nangarhar ننگرهار

Major Agricultural ActivitiesNangarhahr map

Nangarhar produces a range of fruits and vegetables including grapes, olivse, oranges, watermelon, okra, tomato, and spinach. 

Potential Development Themes

Financial services for farmers (credit), animal husbandry, horticultural project (nursery improvement), value adding (product processing), post-harvest technology, and irrigation system improvement are some potential areas for development.

 Province Summaries

Province Reports

  • Ministry Report (MRRD)
  • Socio-Economic and Demographic Profile Report (2003-2005) (3.4 MB) (UNFPA)
  • Social Assessment Profile Fact Sheet (20120 (NHLP)Nangarhar Tomato
  • World Food Program Link   

Province Maps

  • Province Map (2002) (AIMS)
  • Satellite Image Map (2011) (3.3 MB) (iMMAP)

District Maps (iMMAP)

Acheen, Kot and Rodat Districts
Bati Kot, Lal Por and Goshta Districts (1.0 MB)
Bihsud and Kama Districts
Chaparhar, Deh Bala and Pachier Agam Districts
Dara-i Nur and Kuz Kunar Districts
Dur Baba, Nazyan, Muhamand Dara and Shinwar Districts (1.0 MB)
Hesarak District (1.1 MB)
Khogayani and Shirzad Districts (1.0 MB)
Surkh Rod District

Note: Some district maps may not be available.