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Nuristan نورستان

Major Agricultural Activities

Agriculture in Nuristan is mainly based on crops like maize, wheat, beans, walnuts, mulberries, potatoes, and animal products like eggs, milk, cheese, Nuristan Mapyogurt, butter, and wool.  Handicrafts and small industries include rug and honey production.

Potential Development Themes

Potential areas for development include irrigation system improvement, financial services for farmers (credit), animal breeding, veterinary services, value adding (product processing), and post-harvest technology.

Province Summaries

Province Maps

  • Province Map (2002) (AIMS)Nuristan Cattle
  • Satellite Image Map (2011) (10.5 MB) (iMMAP)

Province Reports

  • Socio-Economic and Demographic Profile Report (2003-2005) (2.4 MB) (UNFPA)
  • Province Data Link (CFC)