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Pistachio پسته

Pistachio trees grow wild in Afghanistan and are wild-harvested for sale, but are not yet domesticated for orchard production.  

Pistachio ANR

Problems and Opportunities                               

  • Priority Problems include deforestation of pistachio forests.  The pistachios harvested from semi-domestic systems are wild varieties.  No work has been done on which domestic varieties may be best suited to Afghanistan. 
  • Priority Opportunities include the dual purpose of pistachios for both reforestation and crop production.  They can be used in stabilizing slopes and producing nuts. Male wild pistachio trees produce no nuts, however, once male seedling are established, they can serve as rootstocks for desired (female) scion grafts.

 These problems and opportunities are based on feedback from Tom Brown, Louise Jackson, and Zia Mirzada.


  • About Pistachio Fact Sheet (UC Davis)
  • Pistachio Botany and Physiology PPT as PDF (3.6 MB) (UC Davis)
  • Pistachio Woodlands PPT as PDF (4.1 MB) (USDA)
  • Community-Based Pistachio Forest Management PPT as PDF (1.8 MB) (USDA)

   Crop Calendar                                        

  • Pistachio Crop Calendar (for California-like conditions) Info Sheet (UC Davis)

Nursery Management                             


  • Intercropping Fact sheet (UC Davis)
  • Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) Fact Sheet (example using almonds) (UC Davis for Roots of Peace)
  • Pruning
    • Irrigation
      • Irrigation of Perennial Crops Manual (3.4 MB) (Roots of Peace)
      • Principals of Irrigation of Trees and Vines PPT as PDF English (2.8MB) and (Dari) دری (4.6 MB) (UC Davis)
      • Drip Irrigation Manual (11.7MB) (IDE)

        Pest Management                                  


        • 10 Principles of Postharvest Management Fact Sheet (UC Davis)
        • Principles of GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) Fact Sheet (UC Davis)
        • Postharvest - Harvest, Storage and Processing PPT as PDF (2.6 MB) (UC Davis)

        Market Information (All Crops)         

        Global Hort Knowledge Bank - Pistachio