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Goats پرورش بز ها

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Livestock are an important source of meat and milk, wool, leather and farm power. For many rural families, farm animals are the sole source of family income, nutrition, draft power and organic manures for farming. Livestock products are a main source of income for farmers and are the only income source for nomads.

Problems and Opportunities

Priority problems for goat production in Afghanistan are adequate nutrition and disease preventionlow productivity of local breeds, insufficient quality of fodder/feed particularly during winter, insufficient quality of veterinary services for control of animal disease in remote areas, insufficient collection, storage, and marketing facilities for livestock products, lack of farmers’ knowledge and skills regarding animal husbandry and health, insufficient training and upgrading skills and knowledge of technical staff/trainer in the field of livestock health and production, and a lack of proper training of community members in remote areas. The most critical problem for livestock development is the shortage of trained staff especially at the under-graduate level and undeveloped value chains in the field of livestock.  

Priority opportunities for goat production include livestock agribusiness and value chains, pasture improvement / use of marginal farm lands for pasture cultivation, rangeland management and improvement, winter feed for livestock, feed ingredient production (e.g. corn, rice, rice-polish , cotton cake, wheat bran and etc), relationship between Veterinary Field Units (VFUs) and livestock farmers, impact of farm store centers and agriculture depots on livestock farmers, improvement in the genetic potential of local animals breeds, livestock insurance, and livestock research.

These priority problems and opportunities are based on feedback from the Department of Livestock at MAIL.


  • Status Genetic Resources in Country Report (1.4 MB) (FAO)

    Goat Distribution 1998 AIMS

  • Small Ruminant Production Manual (FAO)
  • Goat Care Practices Manual (UCCE)
  • Afghanistan National Livestock Census 2006 Report (11 MB) (FAO)

Pasture and Fodder

  • Challenges to Grazing Land Info Sheet (UC Davis and SIU)
  • Fodder
    • Crop Options Fact Sheet (UC Davis, SIU, and U Georgia)
    • Tree Options Info Sheet (UC Davis from FAO) and Manual (FAO)
    • Alfalfa Role and Establishment Report (1.9 MB) (FAF Developments)
    • Pasture/Forage Resources Profile Report (FAO) 


  • Production and Processing in Afghanistan Case Study (1.7 MB) (MAIL)
  • Hygienic Milk Processing Manual (ICARDA)
  •  Milk Quality Control Manual (ICARDA)
  • Milk Processing Technologies for Small-Scale Producers Manual (1.6 MB) (ICARDA)


Herd assessment

  • Always be cautious around sick animals as some diseases can be spread by touching.
  • Approaching and Herding Fact Sheet (SIU and UC Davis)
  • Humans and Brucellosis Fact Sheet (UC Davis)
  • Diagnostics
    • Disease or Poor Nutrition? Fact Sheet (SIU and UC Davis)
    • Body Condition Scores icon video Video

Diseases and Parasites

From the Illustrated Manual of Infectious Diseases of Livestock in Afghanistan (Fort Valley State University):

 Market Information (All Crops and Livestock)