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Agriculture Machinery ماشین آلات زراعتی

These materials are designed to assist vocational instructors, professors, and extension workers in planning and implementing agricultural lessons. Unlike other materials on e-Afghan Ag, these materials assume some prior knowledge of agriculture and may not exactly represent current circumstances in Afghanistan.

Material from the Laboratory of Jerry Peters (Purdue).

Unit A, Lesson 1Ag Machinery: Machinery and Equipment

Unit A, Lesson 2: History of Production Agriculture

Unit A, Lesson 3: Technology Advances in Agricultural Mechanics

Unit A, Lesson 4: Maintaining a Safe Environment Around Agricultural Machinery

Unit B, Lesson 1: Hazards in Agricultural Mechanics

Unit B, Lesson 2: Personal Safety in Agricultural Mechanics

Unit C, Lesson 1: Principles of Operation of Internal Combustion Engines

Unit C, Lesson 2: Identifying Engine Systems and Their Components

Unit C, Lesson 3: Measuring Engine Components and Specifications

Unit C, Lesson 4: Applying Preventive Maintenance Practices

Unit C, Lesson 5: Using Small Engines

Unit C, Lesson 6: Using Multiple Cylinder Engines

Unit C, Lesson 7: Using Hydraulic Systems

Unit C, Lesson 8: Using Pneumatic Systems

Unit C, Lesson 9: Using Robotics Systems

Unit D, Lesson 1: Applications of Fluids and Lubricants in Agricultural Equipment

Unit D, Lesson 2: Agricultural Tillage Systems and Equipment

Unit D, Lesson 3: Agricultural Planting Systems

Unit D, Lesson 4: Irrigation Systems

Unit D, Lesson 5: Spraying Systems

Unit D, Lesson 6: Forage Harvest and Handling Systems

Unit D, Lesson 7: Grain Harvesting and Handling Systems

Unit D, Lesson 8: Feeding Handling Systems

Unit D, Lesson 9: Animal Waste Management Systems