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Agricultural Economics اقبصاد زراعتی

These materials are designed to assist vocational instructors, professors, and extension workers in planning and implementing agricultural lessons. Unlike other materials on e-Afghan Ag, these materials assume some prior knowledge of agriculture. For a more practical approach to Agricultural Economics, please visit the Other Topics tab on the blue bar above.

Wholesale Market, Balkh, Afghanistan

Material from the Laboratory of Jerry Peters (Purdue).

Unit A, Lesson 1: History of Agriculture

Unit A, Lesson 2: Importance of Agriculture

Unit A, Lesson 3: Agribusiness in Today's World

Unit B, Lesson 1: Importance of Record Keeping

Additional Resources

Provided by USDA and USAID

Youth Business Skills Training Program

Unit B, Lesson 2: Enterprise Record Keeping System

Expense Record Keeping System

Income Record Keeping System

Inventory Record Keeping

Unit B, Lesson 3: Balance Sheets, Cash Flow, and Income Statements

Unit C, Lesson 1: Use of Graphics

Unit C, Lesson 2: Creating Effective Graphics

Unit C, Lesson 3: Relationship of Data, Graphics, and Statistics

Unit D, Lesson 1: Supply and Demand Principles

Unit D, Lesson 2: Effects of Supply and Demand Shifts

Unit D, Lesson 3: Economic Principles to Determine What to Produce

Unit D, Lesson 4: Economic Principles to Determine How Much to Produce

Unit E, Lesson 1: Time Value of Money

Unit E, Lesson 2: Concept of Borrowing Money

Unit F, Lesson 1: Business Expenses