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Animal Husbandry مالداری

These materials are designed to assist vocational instructors, professors, and extension workers in planning and implementing agricultural lessons. Unlike other materials on e-Afghan Ag, these materials assume some prior knowledge of agriculture. For a more practical approach to Animal Husbandry, please visit the Livestock tab on the blue bar above.

Material from the Laboratory of Jerry Peters (Purdue) unless noted otherwise.

Animal Husbandry

Unit A, Lesson 1: Differences Between Plants and Animals

Unit A, Lesson 2: Anatomy and Physiology of Animals

Unit A, Lesson 3: External Parts of Livestock

Unit B, Lesson 1: Animal Digestion

Additional Resources

Provided by USDA

Basic Animal Husbandry

Properly Handling Sheep and Goats

Goat Nutrition

Unit B, Lesson 2: Nutritional Needs of Animals

Unit B, Lesson 3: Nutrients and Their Importance

Unit B, Lesson 4: Starch Digestion by Enzymes

Unit B, Lesson 5: Protein Digestion by Enzyme Action

Unit B, Lesson 6: Anatomy and Physiology of Animal Reproductive Systems

Unit B, Lesson 7: Animal Reproduction

Unit B, Lesson 8: Animal Genetics

Unit B, Lesson 9: Fertilization and Embryonic Development

Unit C, Lesson 1: Managing Diseases and Parasites

Unit C, Lesson 2: Managing Animal Health 

Unit C, Lesson 3: Equipment to Maintain Good Animal Health 

Unit C, Lesson 6: Feeding Practices

Unit D, Lesson 1: Housing Needs of Livestock 

Unit D, Lesson 2: Managing Livestock Waste 

Unit D, Lesson 3: Pasteurization

Unit E, Lesson 1: Cattle Industry

Unit E, Lesson 2: Sheep and Goat Industry

Unit E, Lesson 3: Poultry Industry