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Fruit and Nut Crops میوه جات و مغزباب

These materials are designed to assist vocational instructors, professors, and extension workers in planning and implementing agricultural lessons. Unlike other materials on e-Afghan Ag, these materials assume some prior knowledge of agriculture. For a more practical approach to Fruit and Nut Crops, please visit the Fruits, Nuts & Vegetables tab on the blue bar above.

Material from the Laboratory of Jerry Peters (Purdue) unless otherwise noted.

Unit A, Lesson 1: Recognizing the Economic Retail Market, Balkh, Afghanistanand Environmental Values of Fruit and Nut production

Unit A, Lesson 2: Value of Fruit and Nut Production to Our Society

Unit A, Lesson 3: Future Development of Fruit and Nut Techniques

Additional Resources

Provided by USDA

Trellis Systems for Grapevines

Unit B, Lesson 1: Characteristics of Soils and the Soil Requirements

Unit B, Lesson 2: Selecting and Planting Fruit and Nut Trees

Unit B, Lesson 3: Growing and Maintaining Small Fruits

Unit B, Lesson 4: Growing and Maintaining Tree Fruits

Unit B, Lesson 5: Fertilizing Fruit and Nut Trees

Deficiency Symptom Review

Unit C, Lesson 1: Asexual and Sexual Propagation

Unit C, Lesson 2: Plant Propagation Techniques

Unit C, Lesson 3: Pruning and Thinning

Unit C, Lesson 4: Pruning Small Fruits

Unit D, Lesson 1: Managing and Controlling Pests

Unit D, Lesson 2: Using Pesticides in the Orchard 

Unit D, Lesson 3: Identify and Control Insects

Unit D, Lesson 4: Identify and Control Weeds

Unit D, Lesson 5: Identify and Control Orchard Diseases

Unit E, Lesson 1: Grape Production

Unit E, Lesson 2: Citrus Fruit Production

Unit E, Lesson 3: Apple Production

Unit E, Lesson 4: Pear Production

Unit E, Lesson 5: Nut Production

Unit E, Lesson 6: Pomegranate Production

Unit E, Lesson 7: Mulberry Production

Unit E, Lesson 8: Fig Production

Unit F, Lesson 1: Harvest Tree Fruits and Nuts

Unit F, Lesson 2: Grade, Pack, Store and Transport Fruits and Nuts

Unit F, Lesson 3: Market Fruits and Nuts