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Horticulture علم باغدار

These materials are designed to assist vocational instructors, professors, and extension workers in planning and implementing agricultural lessons. Unlike other materials on e-Afghan Ag, these materials assume some prior knowledge of agriculture. For a more practical approach to Horticulture, please visit the Fruits, Nuts, and Vegetables tab on the blue bar above.

Material from the Laboratory of Jerry Peters (Purdue) unless otherwise noted.


Unit A, Lesson 1: Exploring the Horticulture IndustryPhoto by Heidi Carrubba

Unit A, Lesson 2: Importance of the Horticulture Industry

Unit A, Lesson 3: History of Horticulture

Unit A, Lesson 4: Classifying Ornamental Plants

Additional Resources

Provided by USDA

Inter-Cropping Systems

Intensive Farming

Principles of Post Harvest Storage

  • Harvesting and Storing Vegetables PPT as PDF (U Maryland)

Intro to IPM for Vegetables and Field Crops

Integrated Pest Management

Insecticide precautions and Safe Use

IDEA-NEW Crop Production for Eastern Region

Unit B, Lesson 1: Root Anatomy

Unit B, Lesson 2: Stem Anatomy

Unit B, Lesson 3: Leaf Anatomy

Unit B, Lesson 4: Fruit Anatomy

Unit B, Lesson 5: Seed Anatomy

Unit C, Lesson 1: Plant Physiology

Unit C, Lesson 2: Light, Temperature, Air, and Water Effects on Plant Growth

Unit D, Lesson 1: Planning and Preparing a Vegetable Garden Site

Unit D, Lesson 2: Planting and Maintaining a Vegetable Garden

Unit D, Lesson 3: Growing and Maintaining Small Fruits

Unit D, Lesson 4: Growing and Maintaining Tree Fruits

Unit E, Lesson 1: Understanding Sexual Reproduction

Unit E, Lesson 2: Propagating Plants Sexually

Unit E, Lesson 3: Propagating Plant Cuttings

Unit E, Lesson 4: Propagating Plants by Division, Separation, and Layering

Unit E, Lesson 5: Propagating Plants by Grafting and Budding

Unit E, Lesson 6: Propagating Plants by Tissue Culture