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Irrigation آبیاری

 ContentDrip Irrigation (Pix Louise Ferguson)

Problems and Opportunities

  • Priority problems include loss of water within the system; poor distribution of water over the growing season; poor management of available water by farmers (amount and timing); poor agronomic practices.
  • Priority opportunities include watercourse lining, water turnouts, karez (traditional irrigation system) cleaning and development; farmer training (various topics); land leveling and bedding; managing seeding rates; organic matter management; on-farm water capture (e.g., storage depression or concrete-lined pools); IPM and plant pathology to allow farmers to connect poor watering and subsequent yield losses.
These problems and opportunities are based on feedback from John Groninger (SIU)


  • Water Resources Management in Afghanistan: The Issues and Options Report (1.3 MB) (Asad Sarwar Qureshi and IWMI)
  • Karez Water Management System Info Sheet (UC Davis)
  • Water Law - Terms and Key Points Info Sheet


  • Irrigation Infrastructure Development & Water Management Practices English (4.5 MB)and پشتو (Pashto) (4.9MB) (UIUC NWFP AU)
  • Village-Level Well Repair and Rehabilitation Manual (1.4 MB) (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)
  • Spring Development PPT as PDF (2.8 MB) (USDA)

Land leveling

Crop water requirements 

Irrigation Methods

  • Irrigation System Selection Info Sheet (UC Davis)
  • Irrigation Principals icon video Video 
  • Irrigation Methods icon video Video
  • Surface Irrigation PPT as PDF English (2.9 MB) and (Dari) دری (USDA)
  • Furrow Irrigation
  • Irrigation - Perennial Crop Support Series Manual (1.8 MB) (Roots of Peace and DAI)
  • Principals of Irrigation of Trees and Vines PPT as PDF English (4.8MB) and (Dari) دری (4.7MB) (UC Davis)
  • Drip Irrigation
    • Issues with Drip Info Sheet (UC Davis)
    • Economic Feasibility of Drip Irrigation in Afghanistan Report. (ALP/S)
    • Drip Irrigation Manual (11.7MB) (IDE)
    • Drip Irrigation Fact Sheet (Dari) دری (USAID)
  • Irrigation with Flexiflume PPT as PDF (Tom Brown)