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Soil Growing Media Mixes

Developed by Muhammad Marrush and Mark Bell - International Programs Office, UC Davis, Oct 2007 "Growing media mixes Two groups of soil mixes are largely favored and used in the USA. The University of California Soil Mix (C/- Professor Baker and colleagues). While there are up to thirty different composts, the following two are among the most useful: UC Mix D: Mix 3:1 by volume Peat moss:Fine sand. Add either of the fertilizers Fertilizer I (low inorganic nitrogen content) Fertilizer II (low organic and inorganic nitrogen content) Compound Per Cubic Meter Per Cubic Yard Per Cubic Meter Per Cubic Yard Hoof and Horn(13% N organic) 1.5 kg 2 lb. 8 oz Potassium Nitrate 0.15 kg 4 oz. 0.15 kg 4 oz Potassium Sulphate 0.15 kg 4 oz. 0.15 kg 4 oz Superphosphate 1.2 kg 2 lb. 1.2 kg 2 lb. Dolomite Limestone 3.0 kg 5 lb. 3.0 kg 5 lb. Calcium Carbonate 2.4 kg 4 lb. 2.4 kg 4 lb. "

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