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Weather - Climate Data Online - Daily data Afghanistan stations

Climate Data Online - external site embedded in eAfghan Ag

  • When asked, agree to the WMO Resolution 40
  • Select Afghanistan and continue
  • Select Station(s) and continue
  • Select date range or a specific date, and continue to retrieve data (click on file .txt)
  • NOTE: The daily elements included in the dataset (as available from each station) are:

    TEMP Mean temperature (.1 Fahrenheit), DEWP Mean dew point (.1 Fahrenheit), SLP Mean sea level pressure (.1 mb), STP Mean station pressure (.1 mb), VISIB Mean visibility (.1 miles), WDSP Mean wind speed (.1 knots), MXSPD Maximum sustained wind speed (.1 knots), GUST Maximum wind gust (.1 knots), MAX Maximum temperature (.1 Fahrenheit), MIN Minimum temperature (.1 Fahrenheit), PRCP Precipitation amount (.01 inches), SNDP Snow depth (.1 inches), and FRSHTT for occurrence of:  Drizzle, Snow or Ice Pellets, Hail Thunder, Tornado/Funnel Cloud.