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Fact sheets

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Extension - Needs Assessment
Fact sheet with table for assessing Needs Mark Bell
Creating Impact Info Sheet
Mark Bell UCD 2014
Extension - Establishing a field demonstration
Fact sheet Establishing a field demonstration Mark Bell
Extension - Running a farmers meeting
Fact sheet Running a farmers meeting by Mark Bell and Shadi Atallah
Extension - Video Shooting Tips
Extension - Checklist Where do I start
Fact sheet Checklist Where do I start Bell et al., UC Davis
Extension - Creating Fact sheets
Fact sheet Extension - Creating Fact sheets M Bell
Extension - Fact sheet farmer Focus Group
Fact sheet farmer Focus Group using a seasonal calendar (UC Davis) Neda Yousefian, Frederik Sagemuller and Mark Bell 2012
Extension - 5 step framework
Fact sheet Extension - 5 step framework Mark Bell, Paul Marcotte
Extension - Material Development
Fact sheet Extension - Material Development UC Davis, Bell, Hill and Atallah
Extension - drafting your message
Extension - drafting your message Fact sheet Bell and Atallah
Extension - Recommendation Domains
Fact sheet Extension - Recommendation Domains
Extension - Farm Walk
Fact sheet Extension - Farm Walk
Extension - Facilitation
Fact sheet Extension - Facilitation
Extension - SWOC
Fact sheet - Extension - SWOC
Extension - Audience Analysis
Fact sheet Extension - Audience Analysis
Extension - Evaluation Overview
Fact sheet Extension - Evaluation Overview
Extension - Training Event Checklist
Fact Sheet - Extension - Training Event Checklist
Extension - Preparing the classroom
Fact sheet - Extension - Preparing the classroom
Extension - Meeting Management
fact Sheet Extension - Meeting Management
Extension - Secondary Data
Extension - Evaluating recommendations
Extension - Trainer exercise: evaluating technology options
Extension - Crop management survey sheet
Extension - Trainer exercise: extension options
Extension - Structuring a workshop agenda
Extension - Structuring a workshop agenda
Extension - Action planning
Extension - Creating a poster
Extension - Training event evaluation
Extension - Presentation skills
Extension - Core message of a solution
Extension - Example Farmer Workshop
Extension - Example Farmer Workshop
Extension - Identifying needs - using a crop calendar
Extension - Identifying needs - using a crop calendar, farmer focus group
Extension - Persuasive writing
Extension - Persuasive writing
Extension - Options
Extension - Options fact sheet
Extension - Effective Training
Extension - Effective Training Fact sheet
Extension - Test Strips
Extension - Test Strips for field demonstration by Mark Bell
Extension - Building Consensus
Extension - Building Consensus Fact sheet UC Davis Bell and Marcotte
Extension - Choosing Partners
Extension - Choosing Partners fact sheet Bell, Akbar
Extension - Conflict Resolution
Extension - Conflict Resolution Fact Sheet Bell and Marcotte
Extension - Adult Learning
Extension - Adult Learning Fact sheet Mark Bell and Paul Marcotte
Extension - ICT in Extension
Extension - ICT in Extension Mark Bell and Judith Payne
Extension - Team Building
Extension - Team Building Fact sheet
Extension - Keys to Success
Extension - Keys to Success Fact sheet
Extension - Skills required for successful extension
Extension - Needs and Opportunity Assessment (NOA)
Extension - PowerPoint Use
Extension - PowerPoint Use
Extension - Workgroups
Extension - Workgroups Fact sheet
Extension - Learning Objectives
Extension - Learning Objectives Fact sheet
Extension - Fact sheet - evaluating Fact sheets
Extension - Fact sheet - evaluating Fact sheets
Extension - Evaluation websites
Extension - Evaluation websites Madden and Bell
Developing a Knowledge Bank Manual
Mark Bell and Wil Agastein UCD 2013
Extension - Site Selection
Extension - Site Selection Fact Sheet, Mark Bell
Extension - ASK ME Extension Framework
Fact sheet on the ASK ME Extension Framework
Extension - Key Message
Fact sheet - Extension - Key Message
Extension - TIGRS
Facts sheet Extension - TIGRS - factors for success
Extension - Building Trust
Fact sheet. Extension - Building Trust (UC Davis and Purdue)
Extension - System elements
Extension - System elements (UC Davis)
Extension - Characteristics of fact sheets and web sites
Fact sheet - Extension - Characteristics of fact sheets and web sites
Fact Sheet Turn Information Into Action
by Mark Bell and Nick Madden
Extension - AID - Compelling - 3 questions
Extension - Compelling - 3 questions to ask of your material
Extension - Lesson Plans
Extension - Lesson Plans by Mark Bell and Amanda Crump (UC Davis)
Extension - AID - Turning Information in to Action
Fact sheet AID - Three factors to improve Information Use.