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Markets and Marketing بازار خرید و فروش

ContentBy Don Harper

Problems and Opportunities

Priority Problems in markets include lack of transportation and infrastructure (roads), barriers in the value chain (such as lack of value-added facilities), packing products are expensive and inaccessible in rural areas, no market standards, poor postharvest practices and infrastructure, poor export opportunities, export standards are not generally known, undervaluing of local varieties for international marketing (ie landrace pear varieties).

Priority Opportunities include improved postharvest practices, infrastructure for post harvest (cool storage, packing houses, drying houses, etc.), promoting sorting and grading so that higher quality products can be sold for more, raising awareness of postharvest practices, simple devices for measuring postharvest status (thermometers, phsycrometer, etc), establishing international trade agreements.

Priority problems and opportunities are based on feedback from Sharif Shah Resteen, Megan Mayzelle, and Dylan Keith.

Detailed Net Income for major crops in Afghanistan

National Reports

    • Afghanistan Master Plan Report (2006) (1.7 MB) (MAIL)
    • Afghanistan Agricultural Prospects Report (May 2011) (MAIL)
    • Afghanistan Agricultural Prospects Report  (September 2011) (MAIL)
    • Afghanistan Agricultural Prospects Report  (July 2012) (3.3 MB) (MAIL)
    • Afghanistan Statistical Yearbook 2011-2012: Agriculture (4.6 MB)
    • Afghan National Development Strategy Report (2008-2013) (3.3 MB) (ANDSS)

Market Assessment of Fruit, Nuts and Vegetables

    • Value Chain Assessment Fact Sheet (UC Davis)
    • Area Planted Horticulture Crops Fact Sheet (UCD)
    • Main Crops in Afghanistan per Region and Province Info Sheet (UCD)
    • Horticulture Needs Assessment in Afghanistan Report (2003) (ICARDA)
    • Horticulture Market Survey Report (2003) (ICARDA and UCD)
    • Horticulture Market Assessment in Afghanistan (2004) (Altai Consulting)
      • Market Research: Identification of Business Opportunities PPT as PDF (1.7 MB)
      • Feasibility and Business Plan PPT as PDF (7.4 MB)

Seed market for field crops and vegetables

    • Analysis of the Seed Market in Afghanistan Report (2004) (EC FAO)

Organic products

    • Organic Export Feasibility Study - Afghanistan Report (2005) (MC ICARDA)

Dried fruit products

    • Eastern Region Dried Fruits and Nuts Market Assessment Report (1.7 MB) (Roots of Peace)
    • 2nd Annual Dried Fruit and Nuts 2004 Conference (The Netherlands), Afghanistan Delegation Report (RAMP Chemonics International Inc.)


    • Afghanistan Livestock Market Assessment Report (1.9 MB) (PEACE Project)
    • Production and Marketing of Red Meat, Wool, Skins and Hides in Afghanistan Case Study (The Macaulay Institute and Mercy Corps)
    • Cashmere Value Chain Analysis Report (2.3 MB) (USAID)

Export Opportunities
From the Horticulture Market Survey Report ICARDA-UCD 2003

    • Export Promotion Agency of Afghanistan Link
    • Investment Opportunities in Afghanistan, Agriculture Sector Report (2009) (AISA)
    • Perennial Crop Support Program: Testing Physical and Financial Feasibility of Exporting Fresh Chilled Grapes and Pomegranates Final Report (2007) (Roots of Peace)
    • Preliminary Feasibility Assessment for Exporting Produce from Afghanistan to United Arab Emirates Report (2004) (RAMP Chemonics International Inc.)
    • Export Growth and Potential (Market Briefs)
      • Almond Report (4.7 MB) (MAIL)
      • Grapes Report (1.0 MB) (MAIL)
      • Raisin Report (1.2 MB) (MAIL)
      • Watermelon Report (2.9 MB) (MAIL)

Export Standards

Trade Reports

    • Afghanistan Trade Report (2010-2011) (2.7 MB) (MAIL)

Price data

Training for Agro dealers PPT as PDF series (IFDC)