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Markets - Comparative Net Income from Afghan Crops - ROP 2009

Developed by Gary Kuhn Exec. Dir. Roots of Peace - June 2009 Afghanistan is blessed with a wonderful climate to grow high value perennial crops. With proper care and good market connections, these will easily beat double. Fresh grapes are in big demand in India. Pomegranates, almond, with all their anti‐oxidants are flourishing. Cherries, apricots and walnuts all are better alternatives than poppies. The table below shows the net income from one hectare of land. Net income is what the farmer will keep after all his costs are paid. Too many reviews show gross income which cast poppy cultivation in a very positive light. The problem with this is that poppies require 10 times the amount of labor to cultivate than perennial crops, like grapes. In addition, the prevailing perception is that poppy prices are still high. The reality is that opium prices spiked for three years when the Taliban shut down production.

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