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Pests, Pesticide Use and Safety


Field Spraying


Safety in pesticide use is critical.

Overview of Pest Management

Weed Management

Insect Pest Identification

Pest Management By Crop

Beneficial Insects

  • Ladybird (Ladybeetle) Identification Card in English and Pashto (UC IPM)
  • Common Beneficial Insects Poster (1.9 MB) (UC IPM) presents families of natural predators that are common in most ecosystems, including ecosystems of Afghanistan and other South/Central Asian countries.  The exact species occurring in Asia regions may vary from those listed here.  Syrphid fly has not been confirmed to occur in the South/Central Asia. 


  • Application
  • Spraying and the Law
    • Introduction to Law on Pesticides PPT as PDF English & Pashto (AFSA)
    • Laws on Pesticides in Afghanistan PPT as PDF (5.4MB) (FAO, HLP, and MAIL)
  • Pesticide Safety
  • Storage
  • Sprayers