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Pesticide use and Safety - Poisoning -Pashto

Developed by Mulakhil How do Pesticides enter the body? څرنګه زموږ وجود ته داخليږى؟ Mouth – Ingestion (swallowing) خوله – تيرول د جامداتو Mouth – Inhalation (breathing) خوله – تنفس Eyes – Splashing سترګى Skin – Dermal absorption پوستكى – جذب Skin – Dermal burning پوستكى سوځيدل Ingestion (swallowing) تيرول Accidental – most likely if تصادفى دير احتمال لرى pesticides not in original containerكله چى دوا په اصل لوښى كى نوى stored insecurely or stored with foodكله چى د غذا سره زيرمه شوى وى in hands of someone illiterate يا د كوم بيسواده لاس ته ورغلى وى drink bottles are used (common among children) او يا دا چى د مشروباتو له بوتل څخه ګټه اخيستل شوى وى Intentional قصدى Suicide د ځان وژنى لپاره Murder or terrorismاو يا د وژلو يا تروريزم لپاره

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