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Postharvest بعد از رفع حاصل

Crop-specific postharvest recommendations may be found on crop-specific pages.

Postharvest losses are a major issue, particularly handling and storage methods.

Problems and opportunities                                                 

  • Priority problems include a lack of awareness by many small scale farmers about postharvest activities such harvesting, handling, storage, processing, packaging, transportation and marketing, on-farm causes of loss,causes of loss after harvest, low atmospheric humidity and physical injury. Such injury often results from careless handling, causing internal bruising, splitting and skin breaks, thus rapidly increasing water loss.                                             
  • Priority opportunities:  a wide range of post-harvest technologies can be adopted to improve losses throughout the process of pre-harvest, harvest, cooling, temporary storage, transport, handling and market distribution. Recommended technologies vary depending on the type of loss experienced. However, all interventions must meet the principle of cost-effectiveness, especially for small scale farmers. 

These draft priority problems are based on feedback from Afghan specialists at Kabul University Horticulture Department, including Professor Samadi.


  • 10 Principles Fact Sheet (UC Davis)
  • Postharvest Handling Tips Fact Sheet (Cal Poly and UC Davis)
  • Temperature and Shelf-Life Fact Sheet (UC Davis) (Dari) دری (UC Davis)
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Cold Chain                                                                                  

  • Strengthening the Cold Chain Fact Sheet (UC Davis)
  • Cold Rooms - Small Scale Manual (1.8MB) (UC Davis)
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Value Chain                                                                              

  • Simple Value Chain Analysis Fact Sheet (UC Davis)
  • How to Use a Color Chart to Increase Market Value icon video Video (UC Davis)

Preservation and Value-Added                                              

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