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Pesticide Safety - Disposal

Developed by Mark Henderson, Frank Zalom, Mark Bell, and Pat Thompson - International Programs Office UC Davis (2009) "Why is Pesticide Disposal Important? There may be times when leftover pesticides no longer can be used or stored, or leftover empty pesticide containers need to be disposed. Just like with all steps of handling pesticides, disposing these chemicals or contaminated containers requires special attention in order to protect people, animals and the environment. Never store pesticides in food containers. Disposing Pesticides Safely • If possible follow the step by step diagram at the right. o Emptying the leftover contents of the pesticide container into the sprayer tank avoids wasting pesticide and is most cost effective. • If the pesticide can’t be used… "

PDF document icon IS_Pesticide_Safety_Disposal.pdf — PDF document, 70 kB (72281 bytes)